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Who We Are

Since 2016, The Results from Data Initiative has specialized in providing comprehensive data analytics, optimization and business intelligence solutions for the transportation, logistics and government sectors. With a team of highly skilled data scientists and engineers, we help our customers turn complex and vast amounts of data into actionable insights that drive organizational results.  

Two Traders Having a Meeting in a Modern Monitoring Office with Analytics Feed on a Big Di

What We Do

Informed. Intelligent. Effective.

We help our customers realize game-changing value with a data-driven approach:


  • Determining which potential data projects create the most value

  • Redesigning organizational workflows to take advantage of data 

  • Ingesting, cleaning and preparing data from many sources at high volume and velocity

  • Creating or customizing the analytics and optimization software necessary to solve the most pressing organizational challenges

  • Help create an organizational culture of results and accountability based on data

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Mesilla, NM 88046

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