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Trucking Solutions

In the dynamic world of trucking, operational efficiency is the key to success. Our trucking solutions are designed to elevate your business by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, helping you solve the real-world, practical problems you face every day. 


Customer Service


Optimized Transit Time

  • Customer Service ensures success by aligning appointments with transit hours, reducing driver wait times, dropped loads, out-of-route miles, and dispatches.

  • Lag reporting measures transit time opportunity hours by CSR and Customer.

  • Lead reporting identifies undispatched orders with excess transit time.

  • Transit time calculator aids operations in determining driver transit time within service hours.


On-Time Performance

  • Lag measure of on-time performance using your definition of OTP by CSR, Customer, Driver Manager and Driver

  • Lead measure of orders currently in jeopardy of service failure filterable by CSR, Customer, Driver Manager and Driver


  • Predictive Balance Map: Utilize your unique planning geography and customer behavior to predict future orders, allowing proactive adjustments for optimal performance.

  • Preplan Before Empty: Maximize efficiency by preplanning well in advance, providing advantages for both operations and drivers.

  • Customizable Reporting: Tailor your planning insights based on unique business requirements, optimizing revenue, utilization, and service.


Operations Management

  • Revenue and Miles per Driver and Truck: Key lag measures provide insights into strategic asset performance.

  • Empty to Load Duration: Enhance asset utilization by measuring time between loads, considering home time frequency and duration.

  • Drivers and Trucks Sitting: Lead measure identifies idle resources, enabling timely optimization by truck, driver, and manager.


Driver Retention Strategies

  • Retention Performance Metrics: Analyze key lag measures of driver separation, empowering proactive retention efforts.

  • Recruiting Promise Adherence: Ensure alignment with promises made to drivers during recruitment, enhancing satisfaction and reducing turnover.

  • Separation Prediction Model: Utilize machine learning to predict driver separation, allowing targeted retention efforts.


Proactive Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance Cost Analysis: Integrate TMS and maintenance data to analyze costs at a detailed level, managing asset performance and shop objectives.

  • Miles Per Gallon: Optimize fuel efficiency by integrating TMS, fuel burn, idle and equipment data, identifying underperforming assets needing maintenance as well as driver coaching opportunities.


Financial Insights

  • Consolidated Financials and KPIs: Gain a holistic view of financial performance and key indicators across affiliated companies, such as leasing, operating, brokerage, real estate, etc.

  • Order to Cash: Streamline financial processes from order to payment, enhancing cash flow and decreasing working capital.

  • Rate per Mile Analysis: Analyze network, market and customer profitability through a detailed rate per mile analysis.


Custom Mobile Driver Applications

  • Real-Time Pay Transparency: Empowers drivers with financial visibility and fosters trust through clear and timely payment information.

  • Load Visibility and Management: Improves planning, enables informed decision-making, and contributes to increased overall fleet efficiency.

  • Streamlined Pre-Trip Inspections: Improves maintenance workflows and performance, ensures safety compliance, and saves valuable time for both drivers and fleet managers.

  • Customized Check Calls and Workflows: Enhances communication, facilitates quick issue resolution, and contributes to a smoother overall operational workflow.

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